Saturday, July 3, 2010

The New Zealand Jewellery Show Highlights!

Last Thursday, I attended the opening gala preview of the New Zealand Jewellery Show, held in the Sky Tower, Auckland. The show, now in its fifth year, is an exhibition of New Zealand jewellery designers' work showcasing top contemporary and fine jewellery designers from throughout the country. The doors opened at 8pm to a world of stunning contemporary and fine jewellery exhibits. It was great chatting with the artists whilst viewing their jewellery.  At 10pm it was all over and I had covered less than half the room! I returned the following morning to finish off perusing. There was such a variety of styles and materials, I felt inspired but overwhelmed by the time I left! I spent most of my time in the Contemporary Jewellery Designers section and I was so impressed by some of the work, I have noted below which pieces really stood out for me.

Sophie Lewis-Smith
Claudia Jaffe
Iain Henderson

Monique Connell
Marty Jestin

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