Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mother Nature Strikes Again...

I must be jinxed (and lucky)... Firstly, I narrowly escape the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 Thailand and now, the Christchurch Earthquake, 7.4 on the Richter Scale. Mother Nature isn't joking when she shows up!

At 4.35am this morning, I was dazed and confused as I awoke to everything in my house violently shaking,  my first thought....discombobulated, my second, earthquake!
After an intense few minutes and many more tremors, I got up!  Fortunately there was very little damage to my house but I quickly released how fortunate I really was, when I stepped out of the front door.  It was carnage, some building were missing roofs and big cracks were visible, one shop in particular had lost a whole side and many other shops were in turmoil.

A particularly distressing sight came when I peered into the window of  REAL Gallery and saw many beautiful pieces of art smashed into a thousand pieces, littered all over the floor! There were a couple of Peter Viesnik's wonderful glasses in the rubble, what a waste....

It was only yesterday that I was chatting about insurance and how I must insure my work, after all, work on consignment is not necessarily covered by the gallery.  This is a good example of what CAN happen and if your work is not insured, that's many, many hours down the drain. This is a kick up the arse for me to get on and organise insurance for my jewellery. I will post my insurance findings up here shortly!

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