Friday, October 22, 2010

The 7.1 Collection is now online!

The 7.1 Collection has launched and is now online at

My hands, head, brain has not stopped for the past few weeks in preparation for the big 7.1 Collection launch! It has been crazy, I have had a TV crew and the local rag reporter in my workshop, meetings with retailers, interviews with lifestyle and jewellery magazines, and amongst all of this, have found time to create 26 masterpieces! (Big thanks to Linda, my mum and fellow jeweller, for sending some awesome pieces over the ponds!)

So where did the idea for the 7.1 Collection come from?
Well, on September 4th at 4.34am, I was awoken by mother nature's bumpy old fairground ride and believe me, there was no getting away from it! A 7.1 magnitude earthquake had hit Christchurch! I felt incredibly fortunate to have endured this powerful force of nature with absolutely no damage to myself or my things. However, when I stepped out of the front door, I quickly realised not everyone had shared my luck.  There was carnage, some buildings were missing roofs and many shops were in turmoil. I felt compelled to use my skills as a jewellery designer to produce a collection, not only to mark this event but to make a contribution to the earthquake appeal and help the victims of this ordeal. 7.1% from the sales will be donated to the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal.

The 7.1 Collection is symbolic of the events, emotions and changes I has seen in Christchurch since the earthquake. A  theme running throughout the collection is circles, representing the earth’s recurring tremors and aftershocks. One of the pieces in the collection is named 'After Shock 5.0' after one of the bigger shakes we have witnessed in the 1000+ aftershocks that have occurred over the last 7 weeks.

I have used vibrant semi-precious gemstones, such as Turquoise, Coral and Smokey Quartz juxtaposed with raw stones such as Lava to  represent the contrasting cityscape and the changes that have happened to it. Natural materials such as vegetable ivory, wood, shells and coconut also feature throughout the collection as well.

Christchurch Rocks Necklace
I have spent a huge amount of time making sterling silver chains, all of which have been cut, hammered, soldered and polished in my workshop, to represent the spirit and strength of the Christchurch community that have come together during this time of adversity. 
My jewellery is definitely truly inspired by my life experiences and adventures!!

On October 21st was the opening preview of the collection, held at No 4 in Merivale, Christchurch. It was a successful evening, with great support and documentation.

I would like to thank Hannah Ritchie for all her help and her photography skills at the launch, Emily Parker, a local and talented photographer who did wonders on my publicity shot and to No 4 for providing a great atmosphere and nice beer!

The collection can be viewed online at