Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ruby Dunes ROCKS, now stocking Holly Budge Jewellery!

Imagine... Aladdin's Cave + idyllic seaside  = Ruby Dunes shop!

Ruby Dunes is an absolute gem of a shop (pun intended), with prime position on Ohope Beach, coined as one of the best beaches in New Zealand. Their speciality is sourcing objects of desire, so it came as no surprise to us that they snapped up a range of our jewellery, including pendants and bracelets from our Eco-Chic Collection, handcrafted with vegetable ivory, a sustainable seed from the Amazon.
Also adorning their beautifully filled shelves is the Poseidon Pendant, a real statement piece handcrafted in sterling silver chain, a stunning Karen Hill Tribe fine silver centre bead with Peruvian Turquoise and Indian Aqua Blue Chalcedony.
We seriously recommended a trip to Ruby Dunes if you are in the Ohope area or looking for a tranquil day out at the seaside, with a little sophisticated retail therapy thrown in for good measure!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A time to reflect, a time to look forward.

Wow, how time flies when your fulfilling orders, holding exhibitions, dodging earthquakes etc...
It feels as though Xmas festivities were only a couple of weeks ago, so what has been happening since?

I have moved from Christchurch in the South Island to Lake Taupo in the North Island of New Zealand. The first thing I would like to report is my lucky escape from Christchurch, just 10 days before the city rocked, shook and fell. It's a terrible tradegy for those who have lost family, friends, homes, livelihoods but also a tradegy to see 'The Garden City' crash and burn. It is heartbreaking to see my local haunts; shops, restaurants, parks and all so familiar places in piles of rubble. To make a contribution,  I will be donating 5% of all my sales to the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal this month, as well as continuing to donate 7.1% of sales from the 7.1 Collection.

Last week I was honoured to exhibit six of my latest necklaces at the Academy of Fine Art in Wellington. 35 NZ artists joined together to illustrate that art is truly 'Borderless'. The exhibition looked great and was well attended. A huge thanks to Rach and Dean for putting a roof over my head and always being such a support.

Holly Budge Jewellery @ Academy of Fine Art, Wellington

I am particularly excited about is my latest stockist, Silver Moon. They have over 17 outlets throughout New Zealand and have taken on two designs from the Eco-Chic Collection. I will post details of where their shops are located shortly on my website.

I have been extremely busy fulfilling this order over the past couple of weeks. There are boxes of vegetable ivory beads fresh in from Peru, with spools of chain, boxes of silver beads and findings, newly designed business cards and jewellery tags and many more goodies spread out around my workshop. Very excited, with lots of creative energy floating around! Here are some pics I took to show the vibrant mix of colours and great looking beads I am hanging around with!

Vibrant ceramic & fine silver beads
Vegetable Ivory beads fresh in from Peru
Great looking new business stationary!
My happy & productive place!
Eco Chic Collection: Hunter Bracelet
Eco Chic Collection: Hunter Pendent
Eco Chic Collection: Jungle Fever Bracelet

A thought to leave you with - I read a wonderful quote the other day from a truly inspirational lady. 
"If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito" 
Anita Roddick (The Body Shop)

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