Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ruby Dunes ROCKS, now stocking Holly Budge Jewellery!

Imagine... Aladdin's Cave + idyllic seaside  = Ruby Dunes shop!

Ruby Dunes is an absolute gem of a shop (pun intended), with prime position on Ohope Beach, coined as one of the best beaches in New Zealand. Their speciality is sourcing objects of desire, so it came as no surprise to us that they snapped up a range of our jewellery, including pendants and bracelets from our Eco-Chic Collection, handcrafted with vegetable ivory, a sustainable seed from the Amazon.
Also adorning their beautifully filled shelves is the Poseidon Pendant, a real statement piece handcrafted in sterling silver chain, a stunning Karen Hill Tribe fine silver centre bead with Peruvian Turquoise and Indian Aqua Blue Chalcedony.
We seriously recommended a trip to Ruby Dunes if you are in the Ohope area or looking for a tranquil day out at the seaside, with a little sophisticated retail therapy thrown in for good measure!

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